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Perth Orthodontic Solutions for All Ages

Welcome to our brand-new Perth orthodontic clinic in the heart of Subiaco, where we combine the latest state-of-the-art equipment with the trusted expertise of Dr. James Andrews, a renowned orthodontist with two decades of experience. Our family-friendly Subiaco orthodontic clinic is designed to make every visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both kids and adults alike. 

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For Kids

Happy and healthy smiles for kids throughout Subiaco, Perth & beyond. Suited to children aged 6-11.

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For Teens

Embrace your teens journey with confident smiles for growing adolescents, tailored for ages 11-16.

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For Adults

Unlock your perfect smile at any age, 16 and up, at our brand new Subiaco Orthodontic Clinic.

James Andrews a Perth based orthodontist

Discover the Art of Smiles With Dr. James Andrews: BDS, MSc, FRCDC (Ortho), Your Trusted Perth Orthodontist!

With a genuine passion for crafting stunning smiles, Dr. Andrews brings over two decades of orthodontic expertise, placing your needs at the heart of our practice. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures your treatment journey is comfortable and precise. Experience the warm and inviting atmosphere at our Subiaco orthodontic clinic, where transparency and simplicity guide you towards achieving the confident smile you deserve.

Common Treatments

Catch the contagious confidence! We truly understand the incredible power of a confident smile. Whether we’re working with kids, adults, or supporting families, our mission is to provide Perth orthodontic solutions that truly work for you. With a patient-centric approach, cutting-edge techniques, and our specialised expertise, we are committed to helping you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Join us on this exciting journey and let your smile spread joy to the world. 

Teeth crowding can be a source of discomfort, impacting the way you feel about your smile. When you visit our Subiaco orthodontic clinic, you’re taking the first step towards addressing this! We’ll provide a thorough assessment and offer personalised treatment options for you.

At Andrews Orthodontics, we specialise in addressing spaced or gapped teeth with tailored solutions. Through modern treatment options such as clear aligners or traditional braces, we’re here to ensure a personalised approach, guiding you towards a confident smile by gently closing those gaps and achieving optimal tooth alignment!

Dr. James Andrews offers expert care for overbites, using the most advanced treatment options to achieve optimal jaw alignment and a beautifully balanced smile.

At Andrews Orthodontics, Dr. James Andrews provides specialised care for jaw and facial growth problems, employing advanced techniques to address and harmonise facial structures for a confident and balanced appearance.

We excel in correcting underbites through customised treatment plans, ensuring a harmonious alignment of your teeth and jaw for a confident and functional smile.

Addressing missing teeth with precision, Andrews Orthodontics, , offers tailored treatment plans to restore dental harmony, enhancing both function and aesthetics for a complete and confident smile.

Recognising the energetic nature of kids involved in sports, Andrews Orthodontics skillfully manages impacted teeth resulting from sport-related accidents, ensuring comprehensive and gentle care for a swift recovery and a winning smile.

Specialising in gummy smiles, Dr. James Andrews employs advanced techniques to achieve optimal gum contouring, ensuring a balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile that boosts confidence.

Popular Treatment Options

Where modern orthodontic treatment options are infused with a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere! We are firm believers in the power of transparency and personalisation, ensuring that your Perth orthodontic journey aligns perfectly with your expectations, interests, lifestyle, and financial considerations. As a valued patient at Andrews Orthodontics, your unique needs and desires take centre stage as we strive to deliver a comfortable and result-oriented experience.

There are many brands of clear aligners with the most well known being Invisalign. We now provide our own precise clear aligners in Perth which are custom designed and fabricated in our clinic in a few days. Experience the wonders of clear aligners, a discreet and effective alternative to traditional metal braces. Crafted from transparent plastic, these aligners gently guide the movement of your teeth, much like conventional braces. With their barely noticeable appearance, clear aligners offer a seamless Perth orthodontic experience that blends harmoniously with your lifestyle!

Delve into the world of lingual braces, an orthodontic innovation that combines the familiar components of traditional braces with the hidden aspects of clear aligners. These braces discreetly reside on the back of your teeth, known as the lingual side, rendering them virtually invisible from the front!

Gain insights into the advantages and considerations associated with lingual braces, and an assessment of whether this innovative orthodontic solution is right for you. 

Andrews Orthodontics offers traditional braces in Perth, a reliable option expertly applied, providing precise tooth alignment for patients seeking time-tested and effective orthodontic solutions. With a focus on comfort and effectiveness, our Subiaco orthodontic clinic ensures that the journey to a confident smile with traditional braces is both straightforward and rewarding.

In some cases, orthodontic treatment alone may not fully resolve underlying teeth and bone issues. We offer a comprehensive solution that combines surgery with braces to achieve optimal results and correct your bite! Welcome to the world of corrective jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery. Our team of professionals are dedicated to addressing both functional and aesthetic concerns, ensuring proper alignment of your jaw and teeth, and correcting any dental abnormalities that extend beyond just the alignment of your teeth.

Dr. James Andrews excels in bite correction, employing advanced techniques to achieve not only optimal dental alignment but also a harmonious bite, ensuring improved functionality and a confident, balanced smile.

Tailored exclusively to your needs, we offer protective custom mouthguards designed to prioritise your oral safety during sports activities. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting out, we’re passionate about safeguarding your teeth and gums from potential injuries and costly dental treatments! Our custom-made mouthguards provide a superior level of protection by perfectly conforming to your unique oral contours. Whether it’s sports like football and hockey or activities like racquetball, lacrosse, wrestling, and judo, we understand the importance of an essential piece of protective equipment. 

Using state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, Dr. Andrews creates custom clear retainers in Perth that perfectly fit your teeth. Wave goodbye to the discomfort of x-rays and messy plaster moulds! Our digital imaging process ensures both accuracy and comfort.

We understand the difference a bright and radiant smile can make when boosting your confidence and leaving a lasting impression. That’s why we offer highly sought-after professional teeth whitening treatments in Perth!

Enhance the natural beauty of your smile with teeth contouring at our Perth orthodontic clinic, where Dr. James Andrews skillfully shapes and refines teeth, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Combat snoring and improve your sleep quality with personalised solutions at Andrews Orthodontics, where Dr. James Andrews offers custom sleep appliances designed to enhance breathing and ensure a restful night’s sleep.


Your health benefits matter to us, and we’re here to maximise their potential. We understand the importance of financial flexibility, which is why we offer personalised payment plans designed to align seamlessly with your budgetary needs.

Everyone should have access to quality Perth orthodontic care, which is why we offer completely interest-free payment plans that prioritise your financial comfort. Our goal is to make orthodontic treatment accessible and affordable for all.

Our mission is to ensure that you have the freedom to choose the payment method and schedule that works best for you. With our friendly guidance and support, navigating the financial aspect of your Perth orthodontic journey becomes a breeze.

Why James Andrews Orthodontics?

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Personalised Treatment

There's no one-size-fits-all solution. We recognise that each patient is wonderfully unique, which is why we craft customised treatment plans tailored specifically to your needs. With us, your orthodontic journey will be defined by a personal touch, ensuring you receive the utmost care that's designed exclusively for you.

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Advanced Technology

Our approach revolves around the latest advancements in digital dentistry, allowing us to create precise and tailored clear aligners. With meticulous craftsmanship and 3D printing technology, we bring to life a digital simulation of your teeth in their optimal positions.

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Maximise Health Benefits

We’re committed to making the most of your health benefits. We understand the importance of financial flexibility, and that's why we offer personalised payment plans that align with your budgetary needs. With complete transparency, we ensure there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way.

Arrange a Complimentary Consultation!

Whether you prefer a virtual consultation or an in-person visit to our Perth orthodontic clinic, we’re ready to get started. Your first appointment is on us, and it comes with personalised recommendations tailored specifically to your orthodontic needs. No referral from a general dentist needed!

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Before Your First Appointment

Dr. James Andrews is not only dedicated to providing high-quality orthodontic care but also sharing his expertise globally through engaging lectures. His evidence-based presentations delve into various clinical topics, ensuring that orthodontic treatments are guided by the latest scientific evidence and delivered in a safe and cost-effective manner. Below, you’ll find a list of Dr. James’ most recent and upcoming lectures, where he imparts his knowledge and insights to benefit both professionals and patients alike. 

Kind Words From Our Subiaco Community


Dr. James Andrews, a renowned Perth orthodontist, offering over two decades of orthodontic expertise. Operating from clinics in Port Hedland and Subiaco, he emphasises cutting-edge technology and personalised treatments, ensuring a precise and comfortable orthodontic journey for every patient.

While initial adjustments to braces might cause slight discomfort, it’s typically short-lived. As a leading provider of braces in Perth, Andrews Orthodontics ensures our patients are equipped with tips and products like dental wax to manage any minor irritations that could lead to ulcers.

If you’ve just gotten braces in Perth, we recommend avoiding very hard or sticky foods. As for activities, you can still play sports, but be sure to wear a protective custom mouthguard!

Generally, our patients visit our Perth orthodontic clinic every 6-8 weeks. However, individual treatment plans may vary, and Dr. Andrews ensures each session is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Absolutely. Our Subiaco orthodontist location, along with our Port Hedland office, offer clear aligners. In many cases, clear aligners can be just as effective as braces! Rest assured, Dr. Andrews ensures comprehensive consultations to determine the best fit for your Perth orthodontic needs.

Not at all! Our Subiaco orthodontic clinic has successfully treated numerous adult patients. Whether it’s braces or clear aligners you need, we’re here to help you achieve the smile you’ve always desired.

Certainly. At our Subiaco orthodontic clinic, we provide specialised treatments tailored for children, advocating early intervention to ensure optimal dental health as they grow.

Absolutely. It’s crucial to maintain regular dental check-ups even when visiting Andrews Orthodontics. Regular dental visits complement orthodontic treatments, ensuring comprehensive oral health.