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Orthodontic Care for Adolescents

Orthodontic treatment brings immense value to people of all ages, but it becomes particularly crucial during the adolescent years, a period marked by significant dental developments. Typically, between the ages of 11 and 14, all adult teeth emerge, creating a prime opportunity for easier tooth movement compared to adulthood. Adolescence is characterised by rapid growth, presenting an optimal window to align teeth and jaw into their ideal positions. 

In this stage of life, initiating orthodontic care can yield remarkable results in achieving proper teeth alignment. By harnessing the natural growth potential during adolescence, we can effectively address skeletal issues without the need for surgical interventions in the future. We deeply understand the importance of timing, and our expertise allows us to guide patients through age-appropriate orthodontic care, ensuring optimal outcomes and a lifetime of smiles.

a Perth orthodontist having a consultation with a young girl

Common Issues We Treat

Bite issues

Small lower jaw

Prominent lower jaw



Deep bite overbite

Missing teeth

Excess overjet

Sleep disorder associated with jaw growth

Aligners & Digital Custom Braces For Teens

little girl shows clear retainer in a Perth orthodontic clinic

Experience the transformative power of clear aligners, the discreet, custom-made plastic trays designed to comfortably fit over your teeth. By exerting gentle pressure, these aligners gradually and consistently shift your teeth into the desired position. The best part? They can be easily removed when needed. At Andrews Orthodontics, we take great pride in offering the latest advancements in orthodontic technology. Our clear aligners are crafted using cutting-edge, artificial intelligence-driven technology, setting a new standard in orthodontic care.

For teenagers seeking effective orthodontic solutions, traditional metal braces have stood the test of time. These braces are widely recognised for addressing a range of dental concerns, from crooked teeth and protrusions to crossbites, underbites, overbites, gaps, and crowding. With their secure placement on the teeth, metal braces allow for consistent progress, and minimise the need for teen compliance (which is never a bad thing!). Countless teens have experienced the remarkable results that traditional braces can offer. Let’s work together towards a smile that’ll last a lifetime! 

a Perth orthodontist demonstrating a clear retainer on a model jaw

Arrange a Complimentary Consultation!

Whether you prefer a virtual consultation or an in-person visit to our Perth clinic, we’re ready to get started. Your first appointment is on us, and it comes with personalised recommendations tailored specifically to your orthodontic needs. No referral from a general dentist needed!

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Orthodontic treatment time is different for each person, but the active stage of treatment (that is, wearing braces or other appliances) may take from 6-18 months. After that, your retainer is worn for at least several months more.

When your braces are first put on, you may not feel any discomfort, but as time headway you may feel some sensitivity of the teeth and discomfort of the cheeks and gums. We recommend you take the medication that you would normally take for a headache, but stay away from antiinflammatory drugs as these effect the rate of movement of your teeth.

Yes. There is no reason to miss school because of an appointment at our orthodontics office.

Yes. You should avoid any foods that could damage or become trapped in your braces. Some foods to pass up include raw vegetables, hard candy, caramel, taffy and ice cubes. Fortunately, ice cream is OK to eat. We will also give you a more comprehensive list of foods to avoid after you get your braces on.

Yes. It is important that you still visit your dentist/periodontist every six months for checkups. Some patients will require more regular visits.

Yes. Whether you wear braces or not, we recommend you wear a mouth guard when playing most sports. Generally, if you play an instrument you will be able to play just as you did before, but you may need a short time to adjust after getting braces.